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tv   Treasury Undersecretary Nominee Adam Szubin Confirmation Hearing  CSPAN  September 21, 2015 11:22pm-12:35am EDT

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>>. >> said hearing will come to order. we will hear testimony on the nomination to read the undersecretary of the treasury and if confirmed would be the third undersecretary of the treasury with the responsibility for the office of tourism and financial intelligence the undersecretary reports directly to the secretary.
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this is responsible for executing for money-laundering while overseeing enforcement of the constantly evolving sanctions program. also receiving regulatory and enforcement opportunities such as the office of terrorism in financial crimes for foreign assets to control the office of intelligence and announce -- analysis and the financial crimes enforcement network. mr. szubin comes over 14 years of government experience. with the recent deal that is considered here in the senate. and to help assemble with
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the architecture gives the world's leading state sponsor terrorism. given the context it is important and timely. >> i appreciate your willingness to allow the nominee the acting treasury and the senior positions relating to economic sanctions it is eminently qualified to his children and wife and parents. , taiwan's to underscore a point that my colleagues and i have been making to the
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chairman and for nine months the committee has failed to kerry noted study to act upon the president's nominees we have not held a single nomination hearings i am grateful for today. for this seventh year of the bush administration and white house control was divided the banking committee held three nominations in the senate nominated more than a dozen coming of the with think this would be a priority. in the past it has ben. led just three weeks after the nomination was sent to the committee. his immediate predecessor took two 1/2 months to
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consider some pending nominees have been waiting since june here they deserve hearings and votes hoping the chairman would move them through the committee process for consideration. that said i am delighted undersecretary mr. szubin is forced to discuss that critical role of the treasury department and the broader approach that marshall's the intelligence functions with a delayed to safeguard the financial system to combat road nations with weapons of mass destruction proliferators money-laundering and other national security threats. over the last 15 years he has distinguished itself for the sanctions law is and against many loggers and
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terrorist and narco traffickers. a fulbright scholar in israel and served as consul to the deputy attorney general and was on the tears some litigation taskforce receiving special accommodation were for his work. and the assets control with many first came to know as a policy maker and a superb lawyer. endorsing the letter that the intellectual heavyweight with global partners to amplify the u.s. sanctions. i could not agree more. i look forward to your testimony today.
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>> to you swear or affirm the testimony you're about to give is the truth so help you god? as you testified before any committee in the senate. me your written testimony is part of the record in its entirety you may introduce your family members in attendance. >> first my amazing life -- wife and my son's and my father-in-law and in particular my wife for her unwavering support. it could have been difficult but i could not do any part
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without her. >> distinguished members of the committee it is an honor to be appearing today. to serve as undersecretary of the treasury for terrorism in financial crime to thank president obama for the confidence he has placed in me and secretary to for his strong support and recommendation. i do not take this for granted that i have been allowed to serve my comment -- government to allow 60 years born in poland 1933 his parents fled the nazis that the outbreak of gold were to capture the soviet army where they lived out the war years siberia was a place of great hardship but it turned out there capture in exile save their life. and nearly all of my father's family was wiped out by the nazis.
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today there is just a few remnants of a family that should have been in the thousands. my parents were vigilant not an abstract concept better real threat they have seen in their lifetime. we were not raised in the environment of fear or acre or sadness but to save her life seek out a joy and be aware of very grateful for our guests we enjoy. but the golden land to never stop marveling at this country. with though work ethic that we can improve the world to leave a little better for our children. mission is not a surprise resawed a career in government service to be amazed they have allowed the
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child of an immigrant to participate shaping the national security policy. it is a country like know whether. i appreciate the significant responsibilities of this office. 11 years ago followed my mentor from the justice department as said director of the office to see the exceptional individuals who may get what it is. with an array of capabilities to confront and challenge adversaries for the battlefield is also challenging to execute when i started the conventional
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wisdom did not or could not work. that they would always find ways to circumvent to find its way downhill. thanks to the remarkable and dedicated men and women i don't hear that conventional wisdom much anymore. with the support of u.s. intelligence committee can strangle the list of organizations and change behavior. against murderous groups like hamas and acis and continue to have so much critical work ahead of us. every procurement company strikes a blow against these groups. if i work with governments and financial institutions
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around the world to stop the illicit money flow. more than 10 years ago we do sanctions but there is still much to be done in narcotics trafficking rebuilt once powerful cartels with a major setback by bankrupting many companies hitting them in their wallets. sanctions to combat north korea to launder their regime for a cut. to devise a powerful sanction with a key cronies
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from the things they depend -- depend on. with the foreign policy. en to devise and executing a strategy to intensify the pressure of the government of iraq. the illicit nuclear program chief among them. with the trade in financial capabilities. so the crude oil sales down by 60 percent with the foreign reserves that it
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would not recover economically to close off all pathways to a nuclear weapon. this led to the election of president rouhani and that produced in the william modesto minutemen of the past decade to enforce the measures to combat every effort to circumvent them. even now we are simultaneously sanctions against activity outside pursued through an iranian partners like syria or iraq or yemen. and in europe and israel but
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none of those successes would have then possible without support with committee i will build upon the close relationship to take on the challenges ahead. i also confirmed will not rest i'll re-read the latest intelligence we need to be vigilant and smart and aggressive as a landscape he falls we will remain at the forefront of the efforts thank you for your time and consideration of bill glad to answer any questions that you have. >> acting as the undersecretary this year you agree with former national
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security adviser susan rice we could expect some portion to fund other illicit activity. you conclude they need to read but their efforts for those funding streams. with the ripping up of such efforts? >> thank you. as a key campaign moving forward this is a lot of aspects to this effort. we have done quite a lot over the recent years but is over 200 companies and officers that are sanctioned
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and thanks to congress have extraterritorial effect. and for those to do so at their own peril at a rest to be cut off from the financial system. and then to go after the networks are the officers of the terrorist groups we have a lot to do in terms of our reach diplomatically. talking to the officials of the gulf to take on an the proxy in there is a real opportunity and those that have been going through. even more and beyond.
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>> november 2011 the entire iranian financial system has been designated as their primary money laundering concern. the page react the reason for nuclear proliferation and. it is our understanding under the iran deal. to be the deceptive financial practices will continue and what your greatest concerns? >> first i want to know with respect to the banking sector to remain in place in the u.s. sanctions with respect to the banking sector that no every new bank can access the
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financial system not to purchase a security or a dollar transaction where a split second that remains off-limits for all iranian banks. but with respect to our ic it perform or behavior remains to be seen. we make it very clear that the there removed from the west to support hezbollah with the ballistic missile activity they will find themselves back we have to see how they behave but the choice will be there. >> so that u.s. government think about maximizing
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sanctions from both a tactical and strategic bases and then to hack into a government with contingency planning with sanctions more effective. >> but to be part of since almost day one i have seen it evolves insulin greatest things is the intelligence office. another finance ministry and to use the financial information to track illicit with the analysis is so much more sophisticated including
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the white house on a regular basis but in the world is taken notice and with that more adaptive techniques so to be judicious and how to be prepared to combat as ec and others that are trying to weaken the national security. >> thank you for joining us. you have won the most difficult jobs in the city to surtax pairs with special thanks to your children and your wi-fi know the you miss and have traveled the world
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especially during the negotiations. and those meetings that we have had with you thanks for your response with the efforts to enhance those efforts that they were expecting to do. but that's responsibilities to the portfolio like to get your priorities sanctions enforcement money laundering and how that fits into the broader government efforts. >> in terms of my popcorn
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dash going forward iran at the forefront as they appear to their commitments to turn them space but and alongside bad office of tourism and financial has to be at the forefront and in particular the efforts that pose a very serious challenge in terms of cutting off financing. looking at a group of al qaeda verses isil with the ability to extort funds and a territory that it controls and the resources it is a massive challenge.
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and a huge coalition and trying to check and constrain with a threat over my time and sanctions are one part of the strategy. we have an array of tools with the issuance of the new executive order and wary of greasy malicious actors going after companies will now have the sanctions capability to prevent an the sanctions capability to prevent an beecher that activity. >> '01 to ask the question more parochial. we met several times to discuss the situation of
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somalia with the second largest community in this country since columbus, ohio and we met separately to discuss the issues you have been working to ensure that terrorists financing standards are providing technical assistance to the somali government to build the capacity but i remain concerned about this issue. can you give an update on the treasury's efforts to restoring free flow of ruminants - - remittance to somalis in africa? >> i would be happy al is a minneapolis hot last month to meet with the somali banks and ngos and other officials because obviously
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minneapolis hasn't issued concentration of somali americans and they're very worried. i can say that they see a pattern and big accounts have been closed but the funds continued to go but the situation is far from ideal the concern with respect to money-laundering that was the intensely challenging issue but there was no central bank with the regulatory system when it comes to oversight. so the ability to restore confidence will depend on the efforts of the prime minister i had the opportunity to speak with him who was undertaken a lot
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of serious steps the state department and treasury department doing everything they can to build strength and inspire confidence that they are safe when they go to somalia. >> think fee-for-service to our country i appreciate you telling us about your family history and family support and i have had tremendous respect what you do with the 700 people you work with their. to spite of the great work you have done with a thank-you understand there is a by partisan majority feels the administration
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squandered those efforts instead of ending the nuclear program basically we allow the industrialization of the program and that was not your negotiation to lead, but obviously most of this year in a bipartisan way are very, very disappointed that the squandered opportunity had the president achieved what he said he wanted to do having 100 people cheering and supporting that is not what has occurred. there are some sanctions to be put in place the act that expires at the end of 2015. and i assume those provisions that were negotiated allow the fact there has to be sanctions
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that you would be very supportive immediately so they are there to snap back pippin and. >>. >> thank you for your kind words about tsa i and the dedication of the men and women in the office. i did not leave the talks but i had the opportunity to participate in a number of rounds to have achieved the president's objective for all the pathways for iran to close of 15 years and beyond but more. >> if you didn't talk about that the fact is the presiaiddent she would end their nuclear program and we didn't do that and someone know that they have evolved
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in their goals overtime and capitulated i don't want to focus on that because they do respect your service and i hope that you respect my disagreement but hoping that we can reauthorize the sanctions that were in place immediately. >> the administration with respect to preserving baffle leverage of snapback to be entirely aligned with your own we need to have that leverage or to punish any breaches that roper maya understanding is it doesn't expire until 2016 the administration position it is premature until we get to the sunset period. >> why is that the case? it leaves us to believe there are concerns they've made commitments to rand
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that will lead be the case. i think it is always good to have certain. >> guest: of the reasons people past dhave certain. >> guest: of the reasons people past dodd/frank is to create certainty in that is not the case but back to this it would be good for the world to know that those sanctions will exist and if we would pass those over the next 60 days of those extensions taking place. >> the certainty is there and every aspect is what we will implement after it is due to expire but i do want to clarify that isil is in a full effect without any
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attempts to renew its early. >> geithner you are reciting a the company line i wish you would quit which makes me believe that really in a bipartisan way we could pass it in the attempt makes me believe the administration would oppose that then we can see if that is the case. but the new sanctions i assume you have no objection whatsoever to prepare sanctions ourselves relative to terrorist acts in humanitarian human rights issues if we would impose those who have no objection
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you have no issue with us doing that? >> i am sure you would expect that it is adding to the pressure and to our tools to effectively combat them is something the administration is seriously want to look at. the it through the back door is to take away the deal and that is a different story. >> obviously to be involved with terrorism and again just to be looked back had to designate that as a
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foreign organization? >> and is involved in almost every aspect whether ballistic missile procurement or regional destabilization the alarm that the use to support terrorist groups because the most likely to rule late with the terrorist groups and has human-rights abuses that label is not coming off knee there are the sanctions. >> you understand the huge gaping hole that yes they are accompanied will benefit
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issued the permit is getting ready to happen. so again with a holding company me looking at the foreign terrorist organization and would be crippling to their terrorist activities. . . so all of those concerns are
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currently prohibited, and any foreign company that does business with an algerian seminary, those are i rgc sounds that remain on our list and are not coming off. there are extraterritorial consequences which is the same as a terrorist organization. the effects are in place right now. >> you would not object? >> i cannot comment on congress doing that. in my experience it is the state department. a lot of people that easily qualify for terror support. i am commenting from a legal perspective, but i don't think think it would affect the outcome either way. >> in spite of the fact that we disagree, i thank you for
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your public service. >> thank you, senator. >> senator hart. >> thank you for holding this hearing and moving forward on the nomination for undersecretary for terrorism and financial crimes. he has appeared at least one time that i recall. and honestly grateful that you have decided to use your obvious talents and service of this country. i think there is a little boy in the anteroom. i don't know if that is your 3rd son. he is quite adorable and already reading.ñrç i want to address an issue that i don't thinkçñr was talked about, and i shareç sen. corker's corker's concern about making sure this country is surexdç and certain about terrorism, sanctions, andmy certainly human rights sanctions and making sure the american public knowsok that if he will
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continue to sanction those entities that engage in terrorist activity, human rights violations, and that we have not given up on our commitment to use sanctions in that way. the continuing dialogue with this committee and congress from your office and the state department will be critical moving forward giving us assurances, but i want to address an issue that has not been addressed, crude oil exports. i am deeply concerned about the policy of this country which restricts american exports of crude oil that we produce here for a number of reass. threatens our national energy security, is not good for our consumers,consumers, fundamentally fair and a free enterprise system. but in this context, it gives us a wonderful opportunity to be competitive with iranian oil
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that will find its way eventually into the marketplace if and when this agreement is implemented. so we are curious about how you see this from the standpoint of sanctions, how you would you the lifting of the oil export ban in the frame of continuing to curtail the continuing to put economic pressure on not only a random russia and other bad actors in the world who are funding they are bad actions with oil revenue from there own domestic production? >> thank you very much, senator. unfortunately, the question goes beyond my area of expertise in terms of the potential impact. >> but you are a smart guy, so you could opine for me. >> unfortunately i am going to disappoint you severely.
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there are others in the administration. in my agency and elsewhere they are much more conversant with this and would be happy to continue the discussion. >> well, for me this is a critical issue which must be viewed in the frame of what we're doing right now with overall sanctions. it has to be addressed in this context because i think it is a wonderful opportunity for our country to use this knew growth and our energy resources for smart and better diplomacy, better power, and provide european energy security, which i, which i think the lack of energy security among our allies has created a lot of economic disruption. it will continue to push for this, push for increased and maintaining sanctions on anyone who engages in terrorism command i look
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forward to continuing our discussion with you. to your family so ii want to thank them for raising a very amazing than men who is using his talent for public service. >> thank you. >> thank you. i want to talk about snapback sanctions on their effectiveness. sanctions were not stopping iran from advancing their nuclear program. the only alternative to this deal is more. yet he has also said that snapback sanctions will be the punishment if they violate this deal, and that punishment will be effective. it seems to me logically
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contradictory to say the economy which is currently struggling is not going to be deterred by sanctions the conventional military get stronger and snap banks tough snapback sanctions would be effective. could you help me explain that inconsistency? >> i would be happy to try. i do not presume to speak for the president are what he intended with his remarks ii think the point he and others have made is that throughout the period from 2005 to 2010, 2011 and a wry continue to add to its enrichment program, its stockpile command centrifuges. the sanctions replacing and heavy thumb on the scale, and ultimately had a determinative impact in terms of how iran behaved with the election of raw
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honey in their approach at the negotiating table. the sanctions alone did not stop the enrichment. it was the concessions that they made to export the stockpile by 98 percent to bring down the centrifuges and infrastructure. all of those changes at the negotiating table will move us to more than 12 months breakout time. it is our sages that we so desperately did for all of us who weren't have been worried about iran's nuclear program. i think that it is a potent force. for all of of the reasons that you have spoken about, iran has seen firsthand that despite early years, iran will become a self-sufficient economy of resistance. well,resistance. well, the iranian people are not looking for an economy of resistance. they are desperate for technology, goods, services the last and from the rest of the world.
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as of the threat that they could, fromcould, under the sanctions but fall back under them if they did not abide by the deal is, i think, a very real one which is a political one for iranian leadership. >> the supreme leader and president romani started the negotiations in part because of the economic pain it brought, if at some time in the future they are caught cheating, their economy will be stronger. they will have the political desire to cheat on this deal, and then we will reimpose sanions that are not enough to stop the memphis point. >> i'm not sure. everyone acknowledges that the sanctions were a key, not the key pressure.that brought them to the table. >> but not to stop the nuclear -- the advance of their nuclear program.
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>> i have to say because there is a law professor in attendance. we all agree -- >> she was my professor. my time is running down here. specifically the topic that was being addressed, talking about advancing promptly on the reauthorization of it. that is mostly a political or policy question. i have more of an administrative or technical question sends and congress things often follow up against their deadlines. from your office standpoint, if that act is not reauthorized in the last two months of 2016 olympic create any kind of break in the way you administer provisions? >> no. >> thank you. finally, i want to discuss what appears to be a tension in the nuclear deal and the iran threat reduction act. us owned born subsidiaries
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cannot do business with iran on the other hand, the jcp away suggested that the president will license the subsidiaries. can you explain the legal under paintings for the commitment that appears to have been made? >> yes, and excuse me for the interruption. should iran complete all of its nuclear steps command we are talking about something that is probably still six months away, part of what they will earn is for an incorporated subsidiaries once again be allowed to do business with iran so long as they meet some very difficult conditions. they cannot be exporting products with the us,us, re- exporting us controlled goods, obtaining any services from the us parent. a truly has to be a standalone operation. in terms of the iran threat
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reduction act, that provision contains licensing authority the treasury would consider using. >> thank you and my time has expired. >> senator menendez. >> congratulations on your nomination. is it fair to say that the iran sanctions act was a significant tool and getting them to the negotiating table? >> i would say it was probably not one of the primary pressure points. far more impactful. that brought a run to the table and gave us so much leverage. >> when you refer to the 2010 speech or statement before the committee dramatically advancing the
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actions of this committee and efforts on crude oil sales and whatnot, you are referring to masada. >> and the nda provisions which included the iran sanctions actions. >> the references a penalty structure. talking about the measures you no so well. can do any transaction with the central bank including oil. is your bringing down significantly every six months your purchases that is what led the exports to fall. it had a dramatic impact. >> there is no. >> -- no question the secondary nature of the sanctions under the iran sanctions act was a significant hammer at the end of the day. >> the penalties that are set out in the iran sanctions act are referenced and a lot of the other statutes am talking about, and that penalty structure is meaningful.
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>> what do you do you have? >> so, the administration's view is, there is no need for early renewal. of course, it remains in full effect until the close of next year. >> and when it collapses then what? >> that is an eventuality we are not even close to at this point. >> it is an eventuality that is a certainty because the law makes it clear. and if we want to talk about significant snapback's as a deterrent, it seems to me that without the law iran knows that the administration does not seem to be disposed to supportive of reauthorization of the law,law, even as it is with all the waiver authority. i know that i can wait a year it will be meaningful
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to me that my further deterrent concerns will be significantly reduced. >> hopefully i can provide some reassurance on this front. i am not aware of any discussions that would lead to snapback leverage being dissipated. the whole structure of the deal is to keep that leverage in place and intact to ensure iran adheres to its commitments. >> it seems to me that the jcp 08 has language and at that suggests that somehow the administration is tied toward supporting reauthorization i am convinced that if there was a reauthorization promo for you have a robust support.
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if you want deterrence, it still needs to be in existence to be a deterrent, and so i just don't get what the administration is out on this. let me ask you to other questions. if they interfere, will largely be on our own in enforcing to send a clear message that, in fact, violations are not acceptable. >> we would certainly reach out to foreign partners, and in particular the europeans part of the p5 plus one have a lot invested in this deal right now whereas before this deal a lot of the sanctions were us only. at this point the commitments that iran may be breaking are not just to the united states.
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>> for us companies cannot invest because of other nonrelated nuclear sanctions. the only companies in the world that are going to get into the iranian market are european companies. they would have investments a major national companies, the countries themselves the user's wealth funds to invest it will be harder to get them to come along with us in the sanctionable item after all of that takes place. and i think, not acknowledging that is to be somewhat unreal about the consequences that we will face moving forward. >> if i may, mr. chairman, one last question. as part of your overall portfolio, the question of enforcement of the law from the liver .-dot act i have a
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serious concern as to how olfaction the administration ii want you to simply give me your interpretation of a general license. >> a general license is a standing authorization that allows for a set of activities that would otherwise be prohibited to go on so long as it meets all of the specified conditions. it does not do anything a specific licenses and do other than that it is an efficiency. rather than meet the obligations one by one, if the government policy is to allow sanctions, they originally did that for specific licenses.
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so they would come and get a license to do it, but the foreign-policy was supportive of every company. >> basically a general licenses when you got the same request and ended up with the same result he gave give a general license for the purpose of expediency and efficiency. however, on the general license subverts the law and ultimately swallows up a congressional intent, as is the case in cuba where your giving a general license for the purpose of travel, and for travel under even the administration's proposals are supposed purpose for elements command a general license is basically a good honor system where you do not actually go ahead and enforce whether or not the person following the criteria as she struck for unlimited travel.
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you not enforcing travel. so this beyond cuba creates a real concern for me. if. if a general license, in this case, can be interpreted this way, that basically subverts the congressional intent and fall. whatwhat is to say we will not see general licenses as it relates to iran or any other place in which an administration, this were any other, will interpret a general license in such a way that allows them to run a mack truck right through it and undermine the very purposes of the legislative intent and the law itself. i commend that to the chair and ranking member's intention. i we will not be supporting any legislation that creates general licenses for this or
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any other administration. it basically, the author totally undermines what was the congressional intent. >> just to respond briefly. there is no ability to do that we could not do with the specific license. and the travel you are referencing, they have to adhere. they set out conditions. >> you accept an honor system. >> you go, and come back. >> i regret to say that with an officewithin office of about 700 people, our ability checking on specific licenses also somewhat
12:21 am
limited. we are not able to go down and ensure that they are doing what they were authorized to do. >> but you would be able to get an itinerary upfront to determine that that itinerary was purposeful travel as delineated. it is fundamentally different. and to suggest as you did earlier that a general licenses for efficiency purposes is fine if, you know, ask is the only requirement and you meet x and therefore should get a general license. when you have different criteria and don't know what the person is doing to achieve purposeful travel, which you were doing before. travel was limited. they often found individuals outside of the field and
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have an enforceable action against them which sends a message that you have to honestly pursue the law, not just generally use a license as an open-ended process. if it can happen here i am concerned about or else it will happen because that basically is a green light to do what you want to do. >> i think, senator, a lot of your question goes to enforcement and making sure us persons no we're going to take the sanctions seriously and that they will face real consequences. that has been, frankly, a big focus of mine. enforcement of sanctions has never been as tough, but i also agree with you that going forward it will be critically important to ensure that people understand what is prohibited is truly prohibited, and we will not be taking violations.
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>> thank you, mr. chairman and mr. stephen. >> serving in that role as acting under secretary. countering iran's terrorist financing and performing all the art key functions of the office, senate should confirm you to this job has soon as possible. the international coalition that is made sanctions so effective would fracture allowing the un to go it alone with its own sanctions. we tried that before and know that they are not
12:24 am
nearly as effective. you also stated that less of billions of dollars that could be released if iran complies with the nuclear deal are held in the eu, china, japan, india, south korea, and other foreign countries. the us alone cannot prevent iran from getting access. i just have one question. i want to highlight this again. is this more likely or less likely that our international partners will continue tough sanctions, refuse to trade with the rent, or block iranian access to frozen assets? >> i believe it is significantly less likely that we will see aggressive policing of sanctions if we walk away from the deal that we spent two years negotiating. >> it seems clear to me that a better path forward is to maintain unity with our
12:25 am
international partners. that. that way, if iran cheats we can respond with strength and support of the world behind us,us, which is critical for effective sanctions. i appreciate the work on this. there is one other topic i would like to address. the international banking system, human trafficking is modern-day slavery, and it is a global business with profits estimated to be as high as $150 billion a year. to keep those profits coming in, ain, the human traffickers have to use banks and credit cards and money transfer companies every single day. now,. now, money transmitted through the financial system for -- trafficking operation falls under existing anti- money-laundering laws, and
12:26 am
these goals require financial institutions to determine the laundry and report this illegal activity to law enforcement. i know we are taking steps in this area, but i am concerned that money laundering related to human trafficking has not received as much attention by financial institutions with their regulators as, for example, drug trafficking money for terrorist financing. i have legislation to ensure that treasury department and other financial regulators work more closely to stop human traffickers use of the banking system. i also want to add the anti- money-laundering expertise that you have a treasury to the president's interagency task force to monitor and combat human trafficking and persons. the treasury department is a key agency responsible for overseeing any money laundering programs.
12:27 am
so i want to know if you commit to working with me to make sure that both regulators and the financial industry are doing everything possible to shut down financing for human trafficking. >> senator, i am pleased to make that commitment. i think you will be pleased to here that i was briefed earlier this week by jennifer calvary about their efforts. they have seen a tremendous job in reporting from financial institutions after simpson put out an advisory, the red flag hallmarks of human trafficking. they have gotten thousands of suspicious activity reports that are inaccessible to and harnessed by law enforcement
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so i think there is a lot there, but there is so much more to do. it all starts with intelligence and law enforcement work to lead us to the bad actors. >> i appreciate that very much. human traffickers need the banking system. stronger financial regulations give us the tools to shut them down. this is somethingthis is something that i want to make sure that we make a priority of it matters to people all around the world. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> .-middle-dot only. >> thank you, mr. chairman. thank you and your family. i was going to take your boys out afterward and turn them into notre dame football fans. and to all of your family, family, i know how much you have traveled over the years and all the places you have gone too.
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helped make the country a stronger place. with the agreement that was voted on a big portion of this is not just a nuclear piece but was going on the ground in the middle east. much of that success will have is going to rest on what you and your colleagues do. i just want to make sure what creates confidence is when theymilitancy that has not moved one more inch in the ground, when they see the missile shipments are being interjected. i would like to know for instance with hezbollah, what are the plans to interdict missile systems and weapons and to make sure that the inventory goes down and we hope to zero.
12:30 am
>> personally in my office been focused on the threats you are referencing. and judith gave me shivers that we see a about and curb not just the volume of the sophistication. when ii was in israel recently i was hearing about troubling advances in terms of hezbollah missile capability or rocket capability command we have to keep them from making those advances because it means the more precise the rockets arerockets are the more people will die, and we know that her certainty. we have to be focused. the both of the five the bulk of the interdiction can be helpful in this effort in a secondary capacity by exposing the procurement company because they don't get these indigenously.
12:31 am
they need to order technology and sophisticated equipment from abroad. about, that means they are doing financial transactions, engaging in shipping or airplane cargo shipments which are all vulnerabilities that we can target. you have seen my office this past year ago after procurement fronts for hezbollah, including the unmanned aerial vehicle program and one that we will continue to focus on. >> we cannot leave any stone unturned. if we find a procurement company providing equipment, we need to let everyone no who they are and go after them and create more and more confidence with our allies, make sure that the actual instruments of death in danger are cut off.
12:32 am
you have a full mission from all of us that we need you to be one of the.people in this effort. additionally, the president was talking about iran's intentions with regard to certain weapons. how are you going to enforce the ballistic missile restrictions outlined under un security council resolution 2231? >> those provisions remain in place. notwithstanding his words, since that we're going to do everything we can to cut off in the intended shipments and prevent that technology if you have already answered i apologize. would they still be subject to us counterterrorism sanctions and human rights? >> yeah.
12:33 am
>> if confirmed, we will you fully enforce sanctions? >> yes. >> we you commit to this committee that you will not hesitate to impose counterterrorism sanctions because any entity that is receiving relief from that the related sanctions. >> yes. >> i cannot stress enough to you and know how much time and effort and how you have put into this. the additional component in this agreement is how we do on the ground, the confidence of our friends and allies is going to be directly related to how successfully and pushing back and giving them space to have success. and so your nonstop efforts are crucial as we go forward is something we absolutely have to have. >> thank you, senator. >> thank you. >> we appreciate your appearance today. you and your family command
12:34 am
i believe your eminently qualified. >> thank you, mr. chairman. >> which one of you is a running back. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> coming up, epa administrator mccarthy testifies about her agency's role in the gold king mines bill.


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